Monday, September 3, 2012

Keep on Talking!!!!

September 4, 2012

Where oh where have I been? Funny you should ask that....I am having a hard time finding the answer to that question myself. I have been caught up in the tangled mess of Dysautonomia. From the normal day to day stuff to kidney stones gone wild!  I have missed my blog and my followers.

With POTS, we understand that sometimes we might 'appear' to be MIA. When actually,we are trying to get through a day, an hour, a minute, a moment of time. This is the story of our lives and we do not have to apologize for doing what we have to do for ourselves each day in order to survive. Each day we find a new challenge, a new hurdle, and if we are lucky enough, a new answer. Most of the time though, we find ourselves asking more questions. As my health worsens my mind sharpens. Sounds crazy but in the world of Dysautonomia anything and everything is possible. I have truly struggled these past few months. I would need two blogs just to catch you all up on the events and challenges that I have been through. Have I made any progress? hmmmm.......that's a difficult question to answer. I suppose that the mere fact that I am typing this, that yes, I have made progress...with getting back to blogging!  Why is this important? Because we each face the same challenge each and every day...those around us, whether it be family, friend, physician, co-worker etc....these people do not understand our disorder. So it is up to us to help them learn. This is where I put my fingers back to work. I pledged to myself that in 2012 I would make it my mission to help get the word out on Dysautonomia. I am not going to let any of you down and I am not going to let myself down. Our voices have been silenced or ignored more often then not. We need to focus now more then ever on being heard...and yes, I do mean HEARD!  Together, we can accomplish this. It may take longer then 2012.....but everything has to have a starting point and I am picking up the pieces of my broken body and focusing on my mind. I must do whatever I can to do my part. I want to do so much, yet my body only allows me to do a little. The good news is, that I will not allow that to silence me. I will keep on talking and typing. I cannot do this alone...I will need your help. So I ask you...please speak up about your disorder. Don't let people talk down to you or dismiss you. Help set the record straight on our disorders. Always remember that a doctor is always a student...medicine is constantly evolving....teach your physician about your disorder and give them tools to learn about it, via the Internet, etc. Do not be afraid to speak up....heaven knows that we have enough challenges in our lives....we do not have to stay quiet when inside we are screaming. Is this easy? NO IT IS NOT!!!!  Can it be done? YES IT CAN! We just have to persevere. Imagine in  your mind a world were we no longer have to be the teacher. Where newly diagnosed patients do not have to travel halfway around the US or World just to get a proper diagnosis. That is my wish.

Together, we can make a difference. Until then, I wish you all peace of mind, love in your heart, and many, many blessings.


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