Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My vision for this blog is to give a Voice to Dysautonomia. To offer encouragement and hope to those who are newly diagnosed. To be able to take a stand and say "LISTEN TO ME." We have been sitting in silence far to long. Having a disorder that is so poorly understood is very difficult, having a disorder where no one is listening  is unacceptable. Whether it be our physician's, our families, friends, co-workers etc....we need and have to be heard. We need to be taken seriously. We need to stop the labeling, misdiagnosing and assumptions that are so prevalent in our daily lives. Throughout history we have witnessed change by individuals who refused to accept the conditions in which they were living. Some of the most significant like Rosa Parks, Mother's Against Drunk Driving, Breast Cancer Awareness, HIV-AIDS awareness, Bill W, a struggling alcoholic who created a place for people to go where they would be heard without having to give their full identity. These organizations and examples all had a starting place. It is my sincere hope, that this blog will be the beginning of a starting place to help create a movement that will give patients the courage and the strength to speak up and speak out. Something that will become larger then a blog...a movement that will help create an even larger movement so that patients and patients of future generations will not have to go through the struggles of just being heard, being labeled as 'it's all in your head' or it's just anxiety. Getting properly diagnosed without having to travel across the county. Most importantly, to remove the isolation and loneliness that we struggle with by having a disorder that no one understands. Our bodies may not work well but our spirits remain alive. Let's keep them alive....let your voice be heard. Peace to all~


  1. Our spirits are alive! God bless you autumn<3

  2. Thank you Milly! It is people like you who inspire me the most~